Primary Medical Care

Before joining South Bay Sports and Preventive Medicine Associates, all of our physicians’ practices were focused on primary medical care.


  • Dr. Anthony Saglimbeni, board certified in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, also has a CAQ for Sports Medicine
  • Dr. Martin Yee, board certified in Internal Medicine, MS in exercise science
  • Dr. Rebecca Guarino, board certified in Internal Medicine, fellowship in Preventive Cardiology

Family medicine physicians:

  • Dr. Chris Chung, board certified in Family Medicine, CAQ for Sports Medicine
  • Dr. Alfio Saglimbeni

Primary care is best described as “continuing, comprehensive, and preventive personal medical care”. As primary care physicians, our doctors are specifically trained and skilled in continuing care of patients with any medical symptom or health concern, and the diagnosis and treatment of those medical issues through time. Primary care physicians are concerned with the whole patient, and enter this field of medicine because they value the long-term relationship that develops with their patients and they are focused on ensuring their patient’s good health through time. Primary care physicians provide care of illnesses, both acute and chronic, immunizations, disease prevention, health maintenance, patient education, and coordination of care with other healthcare professionals should a patient require a specialist. Our doctors are dedicated to caring for the whole individual, and optimizing their health. 

Our primary care physicians, as either Internists or Family Physicians, have identical healthcare goals for their patients, and just variation in their specialty training.

What is a family physician?

Family medicine is the medical specialty that, by definition, provides continuing, comprehensive health care of the individual and family. “Family Medicine” encompasses all ages, both sexes, each organ system and all types of disease or disability. This branch of medicine is said to “integrate biological, clinical and behavioral sciences”. The American Board of Family Medicine accredits physicians who have completed their training and certification in this field of medicine, which distinguishes itself from other specialties with the focus on the patient-physician relationship and the patient as seen in the context of the family.  As with any primary care physicians, family physicians value most the close, personal relationship that comes with consistent, long-term care of a patient and their ongoing medical needs and the desire to keep patients as healthy and mobile as possible.

What is an internist?

Internal medicine physicians specialize in the diagnosis and nonsurgical treatment of diseases in adults. Internists, as they are called, must have specialized instruction through medical school and postgraduate training with a minimum of three years devoted to gaining education in preventing, diagnosing and treating diseases that affect adults. They are dedicated to solving complicated diagnostic medical issues and handling severe chronic illness and multiple medical illnesses that may occur at the same time. Their goals are exactly the same as those of a family physician, however, consistent care of the whole individual over time, with the benefit of developing a personal history with patients and understanding and treating issues both acute and chronic, and keeping their patients as healthy and mobile as possible. Long term good health is the key. 

Internists may practice as a generalist and act as a primary care physician, or they may gain subspecialties, by completing a fellowship at the conclusion of their credentialing in Internal Medicine. An internist can received additional education to subspecialize in a particular medical area, and generally this training (generally called a “fellowship”) takes between one and three years to complete following medical school. The American Board of Internal Medicine recognizes the following as subspecialties under the Internal Medicine umbrella:

Cardiology – heart and blood vessels

Endocrinology – endocrine system disorders

Gastroenterology – digestive diseases

Hematology – blood, blood-forming organs and associated disorders

Infectious Disease – diseases caused by bacteria, virus or parasite

Medical Oncology – study and treatment of cancer

Nephrology kidney function and diseases

Neurology brain function and diseases

Pulmonology lung and respiratory diseases and treatment

Rheumatology muscle and joint disease and treatment

Some internal medicine physicians are specialists in allergy and immunology. This particular specialty bridges adult and pediatric medicine. Dr. Anthony Saglimbeni’s board certifications in both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics provides his patients with expertise in adult and childhood disease, wellness, injury prevention and treatment and, with the addition of his accreditation as a sports medicine physician, he is uniquely prepared to handle patients with a very broad variety of health concerns. 

The key to our practice is our desire to be the most knowledgeable, skilled, nurturing physicians we can be, every day, with every patient.

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