Weight Management

Dr. Martin C. Yee is the director of the Center for Health and Weight Management, an award-winning weight management program. CFHWM was a winner of 19 Gold Standard Awards in 2006 and celebrated for excellence in performance and patient care.

This program offers easy to follow diet programs, and is medically directed for healthy, timely weight loss. CFHWM goals are to help clients develop a healthy relationship with food that allows them to meet their weight loss goals, increase their physical activity, improve their fitness, and enjoy a balanced approach to life. The program aids in learning new skills that translate into successful weight loss, and maintenance of that healthy lifestyle by offering continued support to ensure long-term success.

The website for the Center is a wonderful resource that explains the various diet programs and support available to aid in increasing fitness, managing weight loss in a healthy, directed way, and learning the new lifestyle choices that will improve fitness, mobility, strength and confidence in the future.

It is estimated that 66% of US adults can be categorized as overweight or obese, and up to 40% get no exercise. The dedicated staff of CFHWM is focused on improving those percentages one patient at a time. You will feel great and enjoy life!

For more information visit the CFHWMs website here

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