Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is provided to patients to develop, maintain or maximize muscular and joint movement and function. It can encompass injury rehabilitation or to assist in offsetting degeneration due to aging or chronic illness. The goal of physical therapy is to diagnose and treat people of all ages who have medical issues or other conditions that prevent them from comfortable movement or being able to effectively function in their daily lives. Physical therapists also use wellness and fitness programs to aid in prevention of conditions that lead to a lack of mobility. They are specialists in techniques that alleviate pain, increase movement, restore function and prevent disability from impacting the lives of their patients.

Physical therapy can sometimes be used for a more conservative approach to injury recovery, rather than surgery. Therapy can also be prescribed as a post-surgical recovery program. Therapists provide an individualized, hands-on approach, and are valued for their expertise and training, and their deep-rooted caring for patients. Therapists seek out this career because of their empathy and desire to help patients in a personal way, from newborns to the aged and everyone in between.

When you first see your physical therapist, they will do an assessment of your medical history, as well as examine your physical abilities, to determine an effective treatment plan. Their exam may include testing and measuring a patientÂ’s strength, range of motion, motor function, coordination and balance, muscle performance, posture, etc. Your therapistsÂ’ knowledge of physiology and movement helps direct the treatment strategy and is dictated by the goal of the therapy, i.e. rehabilitation, performance enhancement, treatment of a condition, prevention of injury, or optimizing health.

Physical therapy promotes physical movement enhancement by encompassing various physiotherapeutic techniques, which might include not just manual therapy, but use of mobility aids, walking devices, instruction in physical movement, stationary bikes, weights, use of heat or cold, electricity, etc. Ongoing education on therapy goals and instruction on techniques to continue improving mobility are key to physical therapy success. Successful rehabilitation outcomes are driven by setting realistic, attainable goals and following your physical therapy exercises and treatments religiously.

The key to physical therapy success is patient and therapist working hand-in-hand to meet therapeutic goals.

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