Dance Therapy

There are specialists that focus on dance-specific rehabilitation and conditioning that is used for either treating injury, performance enhancement, injury prevention, or overall wellness and conditioning. Dance medicine specialists are well versed in the anatomy and aesthetics of dance techniques and are, in the case of SBSPMA, experienced dancers and teachers. Dance therapists use movement as therapy to increase not just physical well-being, but mental well-being as well. The focus of dance therapy is on mind and body working together and increasing physical fitness (increased mobility, coordination, reducing muscle or joint pain) and emotional fitness (increased self awareness, confidence, expressive communication).

Our dance medicine specialists are also certified Pilates instructors and offer not only private or semi-private Pilates instruction, but rehabilitative Pilates to individuals who are athletes or individuals affected by such conditions as stroke or multiple sclerosis.

Dance medicine therapists also work hand in hand with the Physical Therapist to coordinate treatment programs for all patients involved in a medical rehabilitative program involving dance or dance movement, or patients that will benefit from a program based on Pilates or dance. They assist patients of varied fitness levels to attain optimum movement, whether professional athletes or patients recovering from illness or injury.

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