Concussion Evaluation

Concussions are an inherent risk in sport, and can be frightening and debilitating injuries. ItÂ’s been estimated that U.S. concussion injuries are as high as 300,000, and that the likelihood of an athlete suffering this type of injury could be as high as 19%.

Although most concussion injuries are fully recovered from, there are those who suffer from a variety of cognitive and neurological issues, such as chronic headaches, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, personality changes (becoming more emotional, irritable, unable to concentrate), dizziness, increased light sensitivity, and problems with learning or memory.

Our medical team is focused on concussion management and treatment. They are part of  a program that carefully measures baseline and post-injury cognitive function to evaluate and treat those suffering from concussive symptoms. Computer-based testing programs that are specifically focused on sports-related concussions will be part of the evaluation process and they will be working hand-in-hand with our high school, college, and professional affiliations to track recovery and evaluate cumulative effects of concussion,  and assist in full recovery from these types of injuries.

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